Returning to the Sequoia tree

On his weekend trekking , Gianni came across this Sequoia tree, a rare species in the Italian landscape. Being a Red Wing fan, he knows his bits and pieces on our history, as this picture tells!

In 1952, we introduced style 877, which marked the break-through for Red Wing Shoes worldwide. It was built with Oro Russet leather, which was tanned using the sap of Californian Sequoia tree-bark.

The Foreman


Red Wing’s Oxford styles were promoted as shoes for work and play, and all along the blue collar backbone of America one contingency of workers who took a strong liking to the style were factory floor managers, also known as Foremen.

While factory workers needed sturdy boots, the foreman needed a shoe to move back and forth between his office and the work floor. A Red Wing oxford could stand up to the concrete floor and not be too heavy for an entire day spent behind a desk.

The Foreman comes in three different Roughout leather uppers, for a casual summer appearance. Roughout leather is one of Red Wing’s premium leather types and provides durability and resiliency in tougher environments that may damage other leathers.



The Foreman is now available at retailers in North America and Europe.

The Irish Setter Shoe Box

Japanese are known for getting into the nitty gritty of stuff. Attention to detail is everything and it has led to some of the most stunning design in architecture, fashion and further. With Red Wing Heritage, we’re honored to be adopted widely in a world where quality standards are up high.

When looking for a good pair of vintage boots, some historic research performed by the unparalleled Japanese magazines comes in handy.   We were pleasantly surprised to see a bit of that performed by 2nd Magazine in their special edition dedicated to Red Wing Shoes only! For those of you equally fascinated by details, details and details; below an overview of some Red Wing Shoes’ shoeboxes. Read from right to left!

New Postmans


Red Wing Heritage proudly presents 5 new Postman shoes, inspired by style no.101, Red Wing’s original postman shoe. Designed to meet Postal Service requirements, the 101 is sturdy, sleek and simplistic and these characteristics served America’s mailmen well. First introduced in 1954, Red Wing Heritage is now expanding on this style with five more casual variations.

The new Postman shoes are built using the same leather upper as the 101 including a dog tail, blind eyelets and a Goodyear Welt. Premium Red Wing leathers, made at Red Wing Shoe’s very own S.B. Foot tannery, are used to craft the new Postman. The cushion crepe outsole gives these boots as much comfort as the 101, allowing for the longer walks, as a postman would.

The new Postman comes in five colors. Three oil-tanned leathers; Oro-iginal, Charcoal Rough & Tough, Amber Harness and two Suede Roughout leathers; Olive Mohave and Blueberry Muleskinner.




Made in the Land of Wheat and Maize

As part of an ongoing video series, Red Wing’s Heritage division is partnering with independent characters who wear Red Wing boots to give a glimpse into each of their lives. The first video highlights Grammy Award-winning musician Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir. A lifelong resident of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and longtime wearer of Red Wing Heritage shoes, Vernon is no stranger to the Midwestern value of hard work. He has an appreciation for well made goods and understands that it’s worth taking the time to create something that will last forever. In addition to his own musical projects, he created April Base recording studio in Fall Creek, WI, which serves as a meeting place for established artists and local up-and-coming musicians, with the idea of keeping the creative spirit alive in Eau Claire.

Made in the Land of Wheat and Maize | Justin Vernon from Red Wing Heritage on Vimeo.