New | Iron Ranger Style no. 8116

Originally designed to be worn in the iron mines, Iron Ranger boots had to be as tough as the people who wore them in demanding conditions. Iron Ranger boots are built with a double layer of leather over the toe to provide an extra measure of safety. 
Our latest addition to the Iron Ranger collection is Style no.8116, built with Charcoal Rough&Tough leather. The instant patina of this leather make each boot look unique from the first step. 




New | Chelsea Rancher 8200 & 8201

These new additions to the Chelsea Rancher collection brings a whole new silhouette to the table. The boot is built on shoelast no.17, allowing for a low nose and a slim look. A classic silhouette, formerly seen on Red Wing’s Peco boots. 
The style comes in Black Star and Amber Harness leather, made at our own leather tanning facilities, S.B.Foot Tannery. These boots are 100% made in Red Wing, MN, USA.

Tales from behind the counter

“The last shoe on earth will be a Red Wing shoe.” Kami, the owner of Red Wing’s oldest store in Europe, strongly believes this to be true. Located in Frankfurt, his store is considered an institute for shoe fitting, advice and service. The longer a product lasts, the more soul it accumulates. The same goes for Kami’s store, where the colorful clientele leads to surprising encounters every day. Kami shared one of these stories with us. 

Eight years ago two English tourists entered my shop. “Hey what’s up with the old boots in the window?” one of them asked me. I told them they were a pair of 15-year old #1178 Pecos boots that were a gift from one of our customers. We saved them for our vintage collection. “Can I buy them?” he asked. 

I showed him a new pair on the shelf and said, “You can buy those.” “Ok,” he replied, “but how long does it take for the new ones to look like these?” I said, “Probably about seven years, depending on what you do with them.” “Oh no,” he said, “I don’t have seven years, I need them now!” “Ok,” I said and gave back his credit card.

“I can’t sell you boots that we received for free from another customer, so if you really want them, you can just take them.” He looked at me in disbelief, then gave me a massive hug and happily left with his new old boots. 

Years later there was an article in the German Musikexpress about singers and their outfits on stage. One of the interviewed artists told a nice story. “We were in Frankfurt and passed by a Red Wing Shoe Store. I saw some old worn-out Red Wing boots in the window and went into the store right away. It turned out the boots were part of a little museum they had there and were not for sale. I really wanted them because they looked so cool. Then the owner just gave me the shoes for free! Isn’t that fantastic?” It turned out that the guy was Liam Howlett, member of The Prodigy. 

The Blacksmith Collection

The Blacksmith can truly be considered the classic American work shoe. In the early 1900s, when Red Wing Shoe Company first began to service rural America, this style of shoe became vastly popular across the country. Versatile and reliable, it was used from farm fields to blacksmith workshops. It was the all-purpose shoe for many years in many industries.

'Marching to a Different Drum'

"All good things in the world are made in wooden drums. Leather, beer, wine and whiskey." Watch the latest video on the installation of a new wooden drum in our S.B.Foot leather tanning facilities. 

The Munson Ranger

Our Red Wing Shoe Stores in Europe have something special on offer: The Munson Ranger. The shoe is named after the shoelast this style is built on, the Munson last. It was designed by Dr. Munson in the early 20th century. The soldiers last was dominantly present in the portfolio of Red Wing Shoes for 40 years.

During the First World War Red Wing was a major supplier of military footwear. The Munson last was the most used last for those kinds of boots, as the shape was specifically designed to fit almost any person’s feet. That explains the wider toe of these boots. After the war Red Wing Shoes started using the Munson on work boots as well. The Munson Ranger has the capped toe, as we today see on our Iron Ranger series. The Munson Ranger is back!

Red Wing Post

Tomorrow, we will release the first edition of the Red Wing Post. A collaborative initiative with the Red Wing Shoe Stores in Europe. The Red Wing Post seeks to explore Red Wing’s rich history as well as celebrating its contemporary influences and advocates. 

The publication shall be launched with a series of events in Berlin (July 9), London (July 10), Frankfurt (July 14) and Amsterdam (July 24).


The first edition kicks off by honoring the pioneers; people who work with their hands and hearts to forge their own frontiers. This inaugural issue takes an in-depth look at the heritage of the brand, focusing on product, craftsmanship and a feature following the footsteps of Red Wing Shoe Company founder Charles Beckman.

Exploring the cities that inspire us; we look at the craftsmanship culture of Berlin and we immerse ourselves in a world of charcoal in London. We caught up with Paul Octavious in Chicago and saw how he merges graphic design and photography to create stunning images. We’ve also been introduced to three pioneering friends in Amsterdam who are making a sustainable difference in the food-industry.

This first issue of Red Wing Post uncovers the stories of different kinds of people from all over the world who are all similarly driven to do what they love with a keen eye and a passion for detail. Red Wing Shoes inherited a similar mentality from Charles Beckman, the founding father of Red Wing Shoes Company.

May his story and those of the new movers and makers inspire you as they inspire us.